Building Diverse Audiences in a Brand Safe Way: Best Practices, Trends, and Operational Tactics

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  • Thursday 22 July 2021
  • 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM BST
  • Live Virtual Format

About The Summit

The Brand Safety Summit Series is the most important gathering of industry experts on this critical topic. Brand safety has never been more central to the work of marketers, agency leaders, ad tech experts, and publishers, and this year we’ll cover the biggest brand safety issues in new and interesting ways.

As a member of our global brand safety community, you’ll want to join us for the opportunity to participate in discussions that feature global and regional perspectives from the most forward-thinking leaders in advertising. You’ll gain high-level strategic insights as well as useful day-to-to-day tactics you can put to work immediately. These learnings are available only to this exclusive community.

Welcome Remarks 

  • Rob Rasko, President, The Brand Safety Summit Series

What Does it Mean to be Proactive Versus Reactive in the Areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?
Presented by Channel Factory

Everyone is talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion, but what does it take to be proactive versus reactive? Chris Kenna, CEO of Brand Advance, and Tamara Littleton, CEO of The Social Element, join Juliet McCutcheon, Sales Director UK, Channel Factory in this timely discussion on how we as industry leaders can take a pragmatic and operational approach to these important issues.

  • Juliet McCutcheonSales Director UK, Channel Factory
  • Tamara Littleton, CEO, The Social Element
  • Chris Kenna, CEO, Brand Advance
Opening Remarks_Fireside Chat with Mastercard A Marketers Look at 2020, Lessons from the Pandemic in

TikTok, Creators and Brand Safety: Helping Brands Sell Safely

Presented by TikTok

In discussion with Group M's Stevan Randjelovic, Director of Brand Safety and Digital Risk for EMEA, TikTok will provide an update on its brand safety roadmap, and how creators play an important role in how they deal with brand suitability. Joined by highly successful TikTok creator Sherice Banton (@shericebanton), Stevan and the TikTok team will then discuss how creators consider safety and suitability when working with brands, along with some practical guidance for brands on working with creators.

  • Julien Wettstein, Creator Solutions Lead, EU, TikTok
  • Bahar Bozdogan, Brand Safety Product Lead, EU, TikTok
  • Stevan Randjelovic, Director, Brand Safety and Digital Risk, EMEA, GroupM
  • Sherice Banton, TikTok creator, (@shericebanton)
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A Dive Into the Results of the 2021 TAG European Fraud Benchmark Study 
Presented by TAG

Hear findings from the 2021 TAG European Fraud Benchmark Study. Jules Kendrick, MD UK & Europe, TAG, will discuss how the Trustworthy Accountability Group has led the fight against invalid traffic (IVT) during the COVID-19 pandemic, and share the latest trends in IVT. 

Jules will join in conversation with Stevan Randjelovic, Director of Brand Safety and Digital Risk, EMEA for GroupM, and Rob Rasko, President of the Brand Safety Summit Series. 

  • Rob Rasko, President, The Brand Safety Summit Series
  • Stevan Randjelovic, Director, Brand Safety and Digital Risk, EMEA, GroupM
  • Jules Kendrick, MD UK & Europe, TAG
  • Diana Romero, Manager, Digital Standards & Partnerships, RoW, Publicis Media
A Dive Into the Results of the 2021 TAG European Fraud Bench_1_1-1

Digital Piracy: An Update

The conversation regarding digital piracy is evolving as are the pirates, hear about the history of tactics of copyright infringement from the global leader in Anti Piracy efforts.

  • Graeme Grant, Director of Content Protection & Enforcement, IFPI
Digital Piracy- An Update_1-1

A Data-Driven Investigation into the COVID-19 Vaccine Conversation Gap on Twitter, and How Brands Could Be Playing a Role to Fill It
Presented by Twitter

As COVID-19 vaccines become increasingly available worldwide, the challenge shifts to creating widespread demand and adoption across communities.

Every day, people are coming to Twitter to talk about what’s happening with COVID-19 vaccinations. The Insights Science team from Twitter Next conducted a first-of-its-kind analysis of over 1M Tweets from January 1 to April 30, 2021, to understand:

--How the conversation is spreading

--Who the conversation is reaching (and not reaching)

--What influences someone to Tweet about COVID-19 vaccinations

--Why brands Tweeting about COVID-19 vaccinations have a significant impact

  • Ian Ardouin-Fumat, Insights Scientist, Twitter Next Lab
  • Tom Chirico, Lead, Twitter Next Creative Lab
A Data-Driven Investigation into the COVID-19 Vaccine..--1

Cookieless Advertising, Identity and Measuring Outcomes
Presented by Nielsen

Over the past few years, new regulations in relation to data privacy and security resulted in fewer cookies and ad IDs available. As a result, marketers across the industry soon started to feel the direct impacts this would have on measuring the value of their campaigns.

Join Nielsen’s Vikram Kulkarni, VP Customer Success and Barcelo Hotel Group’s Ruben Vinagre, Manager Adtech, Martech & Attribution as they speak to our own Ellie Edwards, for a deep dive into the evolving impact of a cookieless future, as they unpack what this means for advertisers who are looking to optimize their ad spend to its full potential in this new world.

  • Ellie Edwards-Scott, Co-Founder, The Advisory Collective
  • Ruben Vinagre, Performance Marketing Manager, Barcelo Hotel Group
  • Vikram Kulkarni, VP Customer Success, Nielsen
Cookieless Advertising, Identity and Measuring Outcomes_1

An announcement of a transparency pilot from TAG's Trustnet with an interview with O2 about some key results
Presented by TAG

  • Tim Brown, Co-founder, Fiducia
  • Sohel Modi, Ad tech Strategy and Implementation lead, O2 (Telefonica UK)
An announcement of a transparency pilot from TAG_s Trustnet-1

A Fresh Perspective on Transparency & Accountability in Programmatic Advertising
Presented by Unruly

Where does that 15% go? This question seems to be in the lips of advertisers and the market for the past couple of years. Can we look at and share data which makes this question disappear or are there roadblocks which we just cant overcome? Today, with SPO and DPO as common practices, we need to work together to build the next generation of programmatic media with transparency and accountability at the core.

In this session, industry experts will discuss how to solve today’s programmatic media transparency challenges and share real-life experiences and fresh insights into exactly how transparent the programmatic ecosystem is.

  • Justin Pearse, Editor, New Digital Age
  • Sturae Hickley, Head of Programmatic, GroupM
  • Nigel Ashton, VP Global Client Partner, Unruly
  • Emily Palmer, Digital Marketing and Media Consultant, Emily Ad Woman Ltd
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A More Consumer Responsible Approach to Brand Safety

As brand safety matures across the globe, many advertisers and agencies are expanding the concept of brands being more socially aware and pushing for alignment to corporate values.  These values now include diversity & inclusion, algorithmic fairness, data ethics, sustainability, truth, and a balanced approach to sources of (mis/dis)information.  Media buyers are putting a finer point on their market approaches and are discussing how to manage through to achieve a better complement of media “responsibility".  Some have dubbed it "Responsible Investment", while other have focused on "Brand Integrity" or "Brand Assurance".  Hear from the practitioners on why these definitions matter.

  • Louis Jones, Media & Marketing Consultant & Brand Safety Officer, Brand Safety Institute
  • Yale Cohen, EVP, Global Digital Standards, Publicis Media Exchange. Publicis Media 
  • Robin O'Neill, Managing Director, Investment, GroupM
  • Elijah Harris, Global Digital Partnerships and Media Responsibility, MAGNA
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