Brand Safety Summit North America

Empowering the global community of brand safety leaders through local conversations and industry-wide insights

  • 18 & 20 May 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST
  • Online Event

About Event

The Brand Safety Summit Series is the most important gathering of industry experts on this critical topic. Brand safety has never been more central to the work of marketers, agency leaders, ad tech experts, and publishers, and this year we’ll cover the biggest brand safety issues in new and interesting ways.

As a member of our global brand safety community, you’ll want to join us for the opportunity to participate in discussions that feature global and regional perspectives from the most forward-thinking leaders in advertising. You’ll gain high-level strategic insights as well as useful day-to-to-day tactics you can put to work immediately. These learnings are available only to this exclusive community.

Agenda Highlights

Day One - May 18, 2021

Brand Safety: We are the Future of the Media Industry

What responsibilities do leaders of the media industry have in 2021?


  • Michael Law, President, dentsu's Amplifi
Brand Safety_ We are the Future of the Media Industry

Conscious Advertising in 2021
Presented by Channel Factory

What does it mean to advertise responsibly? Why does it matter today? 68% of consumers would prefer to buy from brands that make online environments more positive, and more brand marketers are focused on creating and contributing to a more positive ad ecosystem with a lens on diversity and inclusion. How do you build a responsible strategy? What does it mean?

  • Rob Rasko, CEO, Brand Safety Summit Series


  • Erica Schmidt, Global CEO, Matterkind
  • Jed Hartman, President, Channel Factory
Conscious Advertising in 2021

Keeping People and Businesses Safe on Facebook
Presented by Facebook

Brand safety has never been more at the forefront of the advertising industry. Organizations like the Trustworthy Accountability Group have seen certifications skyrocket. In fact, more than three-quarters (77%) of brands say that brand safety is a key priority, with 57% agreeing that was top of mind in 2019 to a greater degree than previous years because of increased knowledge and understanding of the issue. Facebook will address the topic head-on in an engaging discussion with Facebook’s Colleen Soriano Weinrich, Head of Agency and Rebecca Brill, Business Product Marketing lead North America Agency as they answer questions around Facebook’s community standards, hate speech, brand safety controls and how the company is working to keep both people and businesses safe on the platform, across policy, enforcement, and industry collaboration.


  • Rebecca Brill, Business Product Marketing Lead, North America Agency, Facebook
  • Colleen Soriano Weinrich, Head of Agency, North America, Facebook
Keeping People and Businesses Safe on Facebook

How Agencies Should Use the New GARM Framework to Shift Their Thinking About Brand Safety, Suitability, and Advertising Performance
Presented by Pixability

This session will discuss the results from a landmark GARM report that shows real data around levels of safety on major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You'll also learn about the survey data from 177 media agencies on their perceptions of brand safety vs suitability. Join some of the industry’s top brand safety experts, including leaders from GARM, GroupM, Google, and Pixability, as they talk about how brands and agencies should be thinking about safety, suitability, and performance.


  • David George, CEO, Pixability
  • Rob Rakowitz, Initiative Lead, GARM
  • John Montgomery, Executive Vice President of Brand Safety, GroupM Global
  • Danielle Wolinsky, Global Head, YouTube Ads Buying Experiences, Google
Brand Suitability in Practice

How Brands, Agencies, Publishers, and Tech Partners Can Use Supply- and Demand-Path Optimization to Meet the Ever-Increasing Pressure to Deliver Value
Presented by Unruly
To unlock the full potential of programmatic advertising, marketers are embracing supply-path optimization (SPO) and demand-path optimization (DPO) to identify partners that deliver true value. For brands, agencies, publishers, and tech companies this is an exciting opportunity to grow their most effective partnerships and optimize supply and demand paths for maximum results. In this session you will hear industry experts’ thoughts and advice about how to make SPO and DPO work for you.


  • Anthony Viglietti, President and CFO, The Skimm


  • Kenneth Suh, CSO, Unruly
  • Vinny Rinaldi, Head of Investment & Activation - Wavemaker, GroupM
  • Lisa Arnold, Senior Director, Programmatic Strategy, dentsu Programmatic
How Brands, Agencies, Publishers, and Tech Partners Can Use Supply- and Demand-Path Optimization to

Connecting on CTV: Consumers, Context, and Ad Receptivity

Presented by IAS
After years of steady adoption, connected TV (CTV) is now one of the fastest-growing methods of media consumption. As a result, advertisers are looking to shift investments toward this highly engaging medium and are seeking to navigate the quality of their CTV impressions. In this session, Integral Ad Science Chief Marketing Officer, Tony Marlow, will discuss recently fielded IAS survey results on consumer behaviors on CTV and YouTube along with what this means for the future of media quality brand safety. Join IAS to get a sneak peek of exclusive, never-before-seen CTV research.


  • Tony Marlow, Chief Marketing Officer, IAS
Finding Quality CTV Impressions_ Learning from the Latest Consumer Consumption Signals

Context Minus Cookies: How Publishers Can Redefine Brand Safety
Presented by Beeler.Tech

Happening in Sessions area!

This publisher lead workshop will focus on how context will play a bigger role in a future without 3rd party cookies. Will we move away from only keyword block lists to keyword inclusion lists as brands look for the right place to serve an ad? All are welcome to join this town hall discussion lead by Rob Beeler on aligning context, brand safety, and privacy first strategies.


  • Rob Beeler, Founder and CEO, Beeler.Tech

How Brand Safety Affects Valuation: The Investment Banker POV
A fascinating discussion between Terence Kawaja, Founder & CEO of LUMA Partners, and Laura Held, a partner at Shamrock Capital Advisors, moderated by Dave Moore, Britepool CEO, on what principals and investors need to know about how brand safety affects valuation.

  • David Moore, CEO, Britepool
  • Laura HeldPartner, Shamrock Capital Advisors
  • Terence Kawaja, CEO & Founder, LUMA Partners
How Brand Safety Affects Valuation_ The Investment Banker POV

Compliance within Data and the Cookie: A Conversation
Presented by SafeGuard Privacy
What is the current state of best practices regarding data compliance in our industry? Many conversations are theory but in this session you will hear from practitioners about what is actually happening right now.

  • Tiffany Johnson, Strategic Data Lead, Ethical Data, Tech & AnalyticsWunderman Thompson
  • Richy Glassberg, Co-Founder and CEO, SafeGuard Privacy
  • Rachel Glasser, Chief Privacy Officer, Magnite
  • Krystal Olivieri, Global Chief Innovation Officer, GroupM
Compliance within Data and the Cookie_ A Conversation

 The 614 Group ID VIDEO Open Mic on the Future of the Cookie

Happening in Sessions area!

To end our first day of content we welcome YOU--all attendees--to join an OPEN MIC session on the Future of the Cookie and related business practices in dealing with its deprecation. All are welcome and encouraged to join in this fully engaged interactive chat.

 TAG Leadership Council Meeting

Happening in Sessions area!

Day Two - May 20, 2021

The Superpowers Podcast Featuring Jen Garcia and Chris Cunningham: Live from the Summit
Presented by The Superpowers Podcast Featuring Chris Cunningham: Live from the Summit
In this episode of their podcast that industry insiders follow for fun and insights, Chris will interview Jen Garcia, SVP Data Science & Research, Publicis Media, live from the Brand Safety Summit. They'll be exploring the topic of implicit bias in AI and what the industry ought to be doing about it.
  • Chris Cunningham, CEO, C2 Ventures
  • Jen Garcia, SVP Data Science & Research, Publicis Media
The Superpowers Podcast Featuring Bill Wise and Chris Cunningham- Live from the Summit

Unique Environments Call For Bespoke Brand Safety Solutions
Presented by TikTok
In order to reach and connect with millions of people around the world who were highly engaged (and having fun) with brands, HP knew it needed to tap into the TikTok platform. Known as a place where people come together and find community, TikTok offers unparalleled reach and resonance in so many ways. As they would be for any brand, brand safety and context in an environment of a live feed, constantly refreshed, serving up users' video, all instantaneously interacting at once, were daunting. TikTok brought in OpenSlate to provide third-party verification that showed both in-feed and always-on campaigns that could ensure a brand like HP that risks were mitigated around content and brand reputation was intact. As metrics were achieved, proof points were established and processes were replicated, and a partnership was formed. Tune in to learn how other brands can operate and succeed on this ever-more popular platform.

  • Melissa Yang, Global Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, TikTok
  • Anthony Barranco, Senior North America Marketing Manager, HP
  • Mike Henry, CEO, OpenSlate
Unique Environments Call For Bespoke Brand Safety Solutions (1)

Conscientious Brand Safety and Suitability in Action: How One Brand Balances Protection and Scale
Presented by DoubleVerify
Brand safety and suitability lie at the heart of media quality. Where you appear is as important as whom you reach and the message you send. This is especially true given today’s fast-evolving news cycle. But there are brands that have risen to the challenge – aligning their brand safety and suitability profile with their commitment to quality publishers, and the need to ensure their brand is protected. Through a combination of people, process, and technology, Bank of America – in partnership with Publicis and DoubleVerify – was able to balance protection and scale across platforms, devices, and formats. In this session, we’ll discuss how they accomplished this, touching on the nuances of their brand safety and suitability choices, the role of contextual relevance in their campaign choices, and the need for alignment with industry initiatives such as the 4A's Advertiser Protection Bureau's Brand Safety Floor and Brand Suitability Framework.

  • Rob Rasko, CEO, Brand Safety Summit Series
  • Terri Schriver, SVP, Brand Safety Executive, Bank of America
  • Yale Cohen, EVP, Global Digital Standards, Publicis Media
  • Karen Gross, Chief Customer Officer, DoubleVerify
Conscientious Brand Safety and Suitability in Action_ How One Brand Balances Protection and Scale

Digital Marketing and Image
Rachel Luba is making sports history. She's the first female agent ever to represent a Cy Young winner, the first female to negotiate a $100M+ contract, and the first MLB agent–male or female–to negotiate a $40M+ per year contract in MLB history. Learn how she gets to victory through a combination of modern business practices and algorithmic data to elevate her clients' negotiation potential, improving the accuracy of valuations and raising the players’ status in the public sphere.

  • Rob Rasko, CEO, Brand Safety Summit Series
  • Rachel Luba, MLBPA Certified Player-Agent, Luba Sports LLC
Digital Marketing and Image

Unlocking the Power of Online Community
Presented by Reddit
Online communities like the 100,000+ found on Reddit are making headlines as they drive action far beyond the corners of the internet. In this session, hear from Reddit’s Chief Operating Officer Jen Wong about the impact of online community on real-world consumer behavior, the importance of fostering these online spaces, and the opportunity for brands to harness their influence.

  • David Doty, Executive Advisor, Brand Safety Summit Series
  • Jen L. Wong, COO, Reddit
Unlocking the Power of Online Community

Contextual Marketing in Real Life
Presented by
With the deprecation of the cookie upon us, there's conversation everywhere about context as a replacement. What data can we look at to help us understand where the strategy of contextual is going with regards to bidding, identity, and delivery of marketing-driven outcomes in today's marketplace.

  • Olga O'Donnell, Head of Brand Assurance, dentsu International
  • Jonathan Barracca, VP, Strategic Partnerships,
  • Alex Stone, SVP, Advanced Video & Agency Partnerships, Horizon Media
  • Jean Fitzpatrick, SVP Marketplace Solutions, Kinesso
Contextual Marketing in Real Life

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