Brand Leaders and the Brand Safety Community: Moving from Transactional to Strategic Solutions


  • November 4, 2021 - Main Conference
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
  • Live from New York City in a Hybrid Format

About This Event

The Brand Safety Summit is a double header of news and excitement as it comes back to New York City--it will offer content and education across two days,  November 3 & 4, and it will be an in-person event--or a virtual one--you choose! As the role of brand safety leaders has evolved beyond one of tactics and become a broader strategic effort to align brand purpose with consumer expectations, this year’s edition of the summit has grown into a critical gathering on media leaders’ annual calendar.

On November 4, the summit itself will be headlined by the most influential and powerful players in the media ecosystem who will debate, wrestle with, and even resolve some of the biggest brand safety won’t want to miss that!

About The Brand Safety Leadership Summit

On November 3, you will have the chance to participate in a number of practical learning sessions, workshops and breakouts dedicated to teaching you the best strategies for protecting consumers and brands online, led by industry experts. These curated sessions are by invitation only and will provide CLE credits toward the Brand Safety Institute's Certification Program. 

Brand safety is no longer a single, transactional box to be checked off--it has come to encompass many of the headline struggles in digital media and marketing right now, including brand suitability, brand sustainability, consumer safety online, and trust and transparency in an age of disruption and doubt. Only by being at and learning from the Brand Safety Summit can you get what you need most: Being up-to-date on the latest strategies and technologies so you can navigate the ever increasingly more complex digital ecosystem and being able to mingle with and exchange ideas with the people who are changing the face of digital.

Agenda Overview

  • Virility Versus Suitability: How to Walk the Line in the Wild West of Video --Speakers from GroupM and Channel Factory
  • Connecting Brand Mentality with Consumers on Social
  • Driving Advertising Outcomes with a Purpose-First Mentality -- Speakers from MangaGlobal and Integral Ad Science
  • Research findings from GARM -- Speakers from GARM and Pixability
  • Viral Videos and their Impact for Brands --Speakers from GroupM and Channel Factory
  • DE&I: What Does It Mean to be Proactive About It Even When It's Not the News Lead?
  • The Future of TV and CTV Measurement
  • Research findings from TAG
  • Plus C-suite speakers from Brands, Agencies, Platforms, Tech Pioneers, and More!

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