Pioneering Safety in Live Streaming for Streamers, Viewers, and Advertisers

For over a decade Twitch has been the leader in livestreaming video. We have always been live, and ensuring safety in the live environment requires a different way of thinking. Twitch pioneered safety for livestreaming, developing industry-first safety methods and tools. Safety is a growth driver for Twitch. Join this session to learn more about how we keep streamers, viewers and advertisers safe.

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Olga O'Donnell

Global Head of Brand Safety

Twitch Ads

Olga O'Donnell is the Global Head of Brand Safety at Twitch, where she helps ensure that advertisers appear alongside safe and appropriate content on the interactive livestreaming service. Before joining Twitch, she was at dentsu, looking after technology partnerships and business operations, and later developed the agency's brand safety consultancy practice. Previously, Olga worked at Yahoo, Microsoft, Gannett and MarketWatch. She began her career at DoubleClick, an ad technology startup now owned by Google, and she considers herself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to shape the nascent digital media and advertising industry from scratch.

Alison Huffman

Vice President of Product for Community Health


Alison Huffman is Vice President of Product for Community Health at Twitch, the interactive livestreaming service for content gaming, music, sports, and more. She oversees all safety products and proactive detection for Twitch’s diverse global audience, developing tailored solutions for the unique needs of live content and interactive live streaming communities. She has over 14 years of experience in helping online communities build, find, and engage with each other safely, leading with an empathy-first approach to product strategy and development. Prior to Twitch she served as Director of Platform Products at Kongregate, a community-focused web gaming platform.

The Brand Safety Summit Asia from Singapore is back, and it's going to be bigger and better than ever! This one-day event will bring together top global marketers, the leading voices in ad agencies, tech industry experts, and digital trailblazers from across APAC for thought-provoking sessions and lively discussions.

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