Time to Challenge the Conventional Definition of Brand Safety

For young audiences, social media content can deeply resonate with them—both the positive and the negative—and can impact their choices and self-perception. At-risk youth, including those with self-harm ideations, are particularly susceptible to harmful content beyond the obvious viral offerings like product misuse challenges. This harmful content isn't always obvious to brands or algorithms.

This discussion aims to reframe "brand safety" by incorporating youth safety and wellbeing, using personal experiences and expert insights, and how we can collectively come together to nurture a positive digital environment with engaging and uplifting content for youth.

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Mark Proulx

Head of Media Responsibility


Mark Proulx is the global head of media responsibility for Kenvue, where he oversees brand safety strategy, sustainability in media, and data ethics. His role is dedicated to the safe and effectiveplacement of digital media, while mitigating fraud and waste. In tandem with this workstream, hefacilitates the creation of effective policies that guide responsible data collection and usage at a market level. His passion for media is fueled by the desire to help in the creation of a more sustainable and responsible digital environment that serves both the industry and society.Previously, Mark was part of Integral Ad Science’s publisher development team and spent almost adecade as part of The Washington Post’s advertising operations organization.Mark earned a degree in marketing management from Virginia Tech.

Dr. Laura Erickson MD, MA

Psychiatrist & Chief Medical Officer, (she/they)

The JED Foundation

Dr. Erickson-Schroth, MD, MA is a psychiatrist committed to improving mental health through education and resource creation. She is the Chief Medical Officer at the Jed Foundation (JED), a nonprofit focused on emotional health and suicide prevention for teens and young adults. Laura has provided thousands of patients with crisis intervention and mental health support in over ten different emergency rooms in New York City. Much of her career has been focused on LGBTQ mental health, and she continues to see clients at the Hetrick-Martin Institute for LGBTQIA+ Youth.

Tinuola Adebukola

Medical Affairs Intern


Tinuola Adebukola is a medical affairs intern for the North American Public Health Team at Kenvue. She is a passionate public health professional pursuing her Masters degree in Public Health with a certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis. With a background in Anthropology focused on Global Health and the Environment, Tinuola is dedicated to leveraging technology to reduce health disparities and champion health equity. Her expertise encompasses health communication strategies, data analysis, project management, program development and conducting health and wellness workshops.

Mahmoud Khedr

Founder of FloraMind, Youth Mental Health Leader


Mahmoud Khedr is the founder of FloraMing and is a globally-recognized youth mental health leader scaling culturally-grounded healing. Through FloraMind’s programs, consultations, and advisements to youth-centric entities and governments, coupled with the impactful Hidden Healers campaign with MTV, he’s collectively touched over 15M lives, gently reshaping mental health discourse. His focus has been on preventative mental health equity for youth, youth leadership, digital wellbeing, holistic healing, and innovation. His distinguished recognitions from the Biden-Harris White House and appearances at esteemed venues like the UN and Harvard, amplify his enduring advocacy in the global mental health landscape. He currently serves on the Mental Health America board & graduated from CCNY in Harlem.

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