What Really Happens to Programmatic When the Third-Party Cookie Dies?

The time is now to understand how third-party cookie depreciation will really affect programmatic trading. Enough with the chatter now is time.

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Keith Gooberman

Chief Executive Officer

Pontiac Intelligence

Keith Gooberman is the CEO & Co-founder of Pontiac Intelligence, a transparent and powerful DSP for CTV buying. Prior to launching Pontiac Intelligence, Keith founded and managed Programmatic Mechanics, a full-service programmatic buying company. Keith started his career at Conde Nast before working for other publishers, ad networks, and agency trading desks. After mastering the details of how programmatic buying works, Keith founded his own firm to provide transparency and education alongside quality campaign management to clients of all sizes. Keith, a born and raised New Yorker, continues to live and work out of NYC and has overseen over $1b in programmatic spend over the years.

Michael Riley

SVP of Partnerships and Innovation


Michael Riley is the SVP of Partnerships and Innovation at Nativo, with 8 years of experience in the company. He studied Business and Economics at Western Michigan University and worked in sales roles within telcom, wealth management, and adtech. Michael's role in Nativo includes leading the Central Sales Team and Global Partnerships, focusing on agency partnerships. Outside of work, Michael enjoys traveling and contributing to charitable efforts. His contributions to Nativo include creating unique partnerships and receiving recognition for his sales leadership and philanthropy.

Christiane De Carvalho

VP, Data & Identity Solutions & Strategy


Christiane de Carvalho is a highly accomplished professional based in New York, boasting over two decades of experience in the fields of data, identity, adtech, and technology. She is currently serving as the leader of the Data & Identity Solutions & Strategy team at Acxiom, where she plays a critical role in enabling first-party graphs and people-based data capabilities in both the digital and offline realms. With her extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry, Christiane works closely with larger advertisers and the entire ecosystem to deliver measurable value against marketing objectives. Her clients rely on her to invent and define use cases that result in strategic and tactical advantages. Throughout her tenure at Acxiom, Christiane has played a pivotal role in expanding the use of third-party data into global markets, as well as building and growing data monetization through strategic partnerships with adtech companies, system integrators, and CDPs. Christiane's expertise in working with various types of data, including contextual, semantics, behavior, and people-based data, has given her a deep understanding of how to leverage data effectively to drive better business outcomes for her clients. Her ability to work with such diverse data sets has made her a highly trusted advisor and partner to organizations looking to maximize their data-driven potential.

Greg Taylor

Senior Sales Director & East Coast Team Lead


Greg Taylor is the Senior Sales Director and East Coast Team Lead at LiveIntent. With over 15 years of expertise in media sales, Greg has collaborated with prominent brands and agencies in various roles, spanning from traditional media to cutting-edge cookieless activation strategies. His extensive background in working with premium publishers, implementing programmatic activation, and employing cookieless targeting techniques has brought a fresh perspective to LiveIntent.  When he's not discussing the boundless potential of email marketing in a cookieless future, Greg can be found cheering on the Giants or Rangers and spending time with his daughter.

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