10 Things You Need to Know from the Brand Safety Summit London 2023

If you missed Brand Safety Summit London 2023, don't worry—we've got you covered. Here are the top takeaways.


Harness the power of brands for change and collaboration

  • Daniel Murray from WWF demonstrated how strategic partnerships and conscious marketing can significantly drive positive impacts on the environment and social causes. 
  • Publicis and Reckitt shed light on the importance of brand integrity, consumer expectations, and nurturing industry collaboration. They highlighted the need to maintain consistent digital experiences, deploy strategic ad placements, and deliver purpose-driven campaigns to build trust among consumers and stakeholders.


Tackle misinformation and copyright challenges in the AI era

  • Meta and Saïd Business School dissected the challenges and opportunities posed by AI-generated content. AI's game-changing effect on the business world can be seen as the biggest challenge facing the industry: how will businesses distinguish themselves? - Among the concerns is how to deal with copyright issues arising from generative AI. Both transparency and collaboration are necessary to fuel sustainable AI-driven growth.
  • ZEFR tackled the challenges of misinformation in digital media, stressing the need for state-of-the-art brand suitability technology to safeguard brands in the rapidly evolving landscape.


Ensure digital safety for younger users and protection in social environments

  • TikTok's latest initiatives prioritize age-appropriate content and user empowerment, ensuring a secure and engaging environment for all. The platform’s tools like age restrictions, screen time limits, and messaging limits, along with the importance of family pairing and settings for parent’s to manage their children’s time were highlighted.


Leverage the audio revolution

  • Spotify explored the evolving audio ecosystem, underlining the need to understand context and balance AI with human input to ensure brand safety and create meaningful connections with consumers.


Elevate brand safety through the lens of journalistic values

  • Global Press News Services highlighted the importance of adopting inclusive language and using tools like the Global Press Style Guide. By embracing quality journalism practices, advertisers can enhance brand safety and contribute to a more inclusive and accurate media landscape.


Embrace responsible marketing 

  • Mars, Inc.'s Global Vice President of Responsible Marketing, Jacqui Stephenson shared insights on data ethics, AI principles, and the accomplishments of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM). As AI continues to influence advertising, embracing responsible marketing practices is essential to drive growth and protect brands.


Champion sustainable media

  • Tina Beuchler, Global Head of Media and Agency Operations at Nestlé discussed the need for sustainable ad placements and emphasized the importance of industry-wide action. By following practical benchmarks, brands and advertisers can contribute to a greener and more eco-friendly media environment.


Unite against piracy, fraud, and enhance protection in social environments

  • Thought leaders from Sky and TAG called for collective action against malvertising, fraudulent traffic, and ad-supported piracy. A united front is vital to protect brands and promote a safer digital advertising space. 
  • DoubleVerify, along with other panelists, emphasized the importance of brand authenticity, genuine experiences, transparency, and education in keeping up with rapidly evolving trends in social environments. In addition, brands should thoroughly evaluate and select the right measurement partner for optimal success.


Solve for operational challenges of DE&I initiatives

  • Despite the ongoing conversations around DE&I in the industry, experts from H&R Block, dentsu, and Brand Advance Media acknowledged that there is a gap between talk and action. By using data-driven progress tracking and comprehensive auditing to address operational challenges, businesses can make a lasting impact on DE&I efforts.


Adopt conscious marketing and operational sustainability

  • Matterkind discussed the growing demand for ethically-positive and sustainable business practices. The role of education in achieving these goals is crucial to foster a more responsible and eco-conscious industry.



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