Meet the Brand Safety Summit Series Global Strategic Advisors

We're thrilled to introduce you to our impressive team of Global Strategic Advisors who will be leading the charge at our upcoming Brand Safety Summit Series in Singapore, London, Cannes, and New York. These experts have been handpicked to ensure that our events deliver maximum value for both networking and learning opportunities.





David Doty


David Doty is a respected industry leader with decades of experience in the field of digital marketing and advertising. He has played a pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape and its impact on consumers' lives. David's tenure as CMO of IAB for more than a decade gave him a unique perspective on the industry and the forces that shape it. Today, David continues to shape the industry through DD Digital Perspectives, his consulting firm that advises a diverse range of clients such as The 614 Group, ad tech companies, and major publishers like Google. His extensive network of industry contacts, including marketing, publishing, agencies, and ad tech experts, enables him to provide valuable insights and perspectives to clients.

David is also a sought-after speaker, thought leader, and a regular contributor to Forbes' CMO Network, where he provides expert analysis on current industry topics and offers his unique perspective on the biggest issues of the day. His views on media and digital advertising have been widely published in leading publications such as Adweek, AdExchanger, Wired, Esquire, and Medium. David serves as President of the National Arts Club in New York City and is a recipient, from Jacques Chirac, of the prestigious Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite.

Sanchit Sanga


Sanchit Sanga


Sanchit has spent the last two decades studying digital marketing and remains an avid student. He has worked in start-ups and large agency groups, establishing digital marketing practices for some of the world's most iconic brands.

His passion is informing marketing strategy by using data streams and tracking consumer journeys. He has been an outspoken advocate for the digital industry in APAC/MENA, serving as Co-Chairman of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) board of directors in SEA and as an advisor to the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

Ellie Edwards-Scott-1


Ellie Edwards-Scott


Ellie has been in the media & advertising industry for over 20 years and spent years in publishing
starting off in regional press then as Managing Director of Ad network ADLINK Media before moving
agency-side when she was approached by WPP to launch QUISMA; GroupM’s leading performance
marketing specialists, into the UK.

Ellie then went into consulting, co-founding The Advisory Collective in 2018 where she works with
innovative tech companies, introducing their solutions to publishers, advertisers and agencies and
helping them to launch and scale within the UK market.

Ellie is both an industry spokesperson and an ambassador for the digital community, co-founding the
Digital Leading Ladies Group which was created as an informal and inclusive group and currently
comprises 250+ of the most senior and entrepreneurial women in the digital advertising industry.
Ellie has been a Non-Executive Director for Look Ahead Care & Support since 2018 and is also a
trustee for Digilearning – a digital skills charity focused on increasing access to digital for young
people from disadvantaged backgrounds through job-ready accelerated digital skills training.

Lisa Menaldo


Lisa Menaldo


Lisa was among the first to see the arrival of the digital revolution. In the late nineties, she joined 24/7: only the fourth employee outside the US and the first to lead the UK and EMEA commercial teams. Since then, she has spent 20 years at the head of the advertising and technology curve.

Lisa’s significant experience includes acting as Managing Director at her own programmatic trading company, Bannerconnect, before and after its acquisition by GroupM on behalf of Xaxis. In addition to keeping business flowing and supporting advanced programmatic development, she was instrumental in overseeing the definition of rules for varied GroupM models, pitches, and training.

Determined to continuously push new boundaries and expand her knowledge, Lisa took the MD helm at Subline Skinz — launching the company’s innovative skin-based offering internationally — and held the positions of CRO then CEO of major independent media agency, Chalk Global and Online site Boxing Social.

As Co-founder of the Advisory Collective, Lisa remains committed to anticipating and embracing the technologies of next, launching and escalating innovative companies into the digital ecosystem. In parallel, Lisa is an active NED, and co-founder of the DLL Digital Leading Ladies Group.