Phil Cowdell, Global Chief Strategy Officer at Channel Factory, Discusses Brand Safety Strategies in Digital Advertising


Watch highlights from Phil Cowdell's interview for an in-depth look at digital advertising strategies and AI innovations.




Phil Cowdell, Global Chief Strategy Officer at Channel Factory, shares his perspectives on brand safety and the transformative role of AI in digital advertising. Interviewed by Rob Rasko, President of the Brand Safety Summit, at Meta's Singapore offices, Cowdell covers crucial strategies and innovative approaches that are shaping the industry.


Key takeaways from the interview include:


  • The Evolution of Brand Safety
    Cowdell emphasizes the shift from a reactive stance on brand safety to a proactive and inclusive approach. He discusses the importance of not only avoiding unsafe content but also creating positive environments for brands.

  • Balancing Internal and External Practices
    Highlighting the necessity of aligning internal brand safety measures with external consumer safety practices, Cowdell points out that brands must ensure their strategies are cohesive and beneficial both internally and externally. This alignment helps in avoiding the exclusion of potential customers and promotes overall growth and engagement.

  • The Role of AI in Marketing 
    Discussing the impact of AI, Cowdell explains how AI can optimize marketing processes, such as inventory flows and pricing strategies. However, he cautions against giving AI full control over marketing campaigns. Instead, AI should be leveraged to enhance optimization, analysis, and content creation, leading to improved marketing outcomes while maintaining human oversight.