Spotlight Interview with Durreen Shahnaz

CEO of Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) on Financial Markets & Social Change


In a recent Spotlight Interview, Durreen Shahnaz, CEO of Impact Investment Exchange (IIX), sheds light on the potential of financial markets to drive positive change. Durreen emphasizes the importance of inclusivity, especially for women and gender minorities, and discusses the innovative approaches IIX is taking to bridge the gap between Wall Street and marginalized communities. This conversation is a deep dive into the future of impact investing and the role of finance in addressing global challenges.


Watch the full interview with Durreen Shahnaz


The Rundown

Guest: Durreen Shahnaz - The trailblazing CEO behind IIX's revolutionary impact on financial markets.

Topics Covered:

  • Financial Evolution: Harnessing markets for the greater good.
  • Empowerment in Action: Elevating marginalized communities to the forefront.
  • Breaking Barriers: Addressing the unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs of color.

Key Insights:

  • Innovative Inclusivity: Discover the fintech platform changing the game for marginalized communities.
  • Bridging Two Worlds: How IIX is connecting Wall Street's powerhouses with the grassroots.
  • Future Forward: Glimpse the horizon of impact investing's potential.


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